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Mother and Daughter

We Value the Life of the Born and Unborn

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Happy Family

Our Vision

Ending abortions and restoring the family


Our Mission

Loving, Educating, and Praying for the community & supporting the church with the Biblical view of moral purity for the born and the unborn.

Our Values

  • Honor God - Romans 14:11

  • Honor Truth - John 8:32

  • Honor Marriage - Eph. 5:31

  • Honor Life - Genesis 9:6-7
    (from conception to  natural death)

Mother and Baby on Floor

Why BA4L?

The leading cause of death in the African American Community is not aids, heart disease, cancer, violent crimes, or accidents but abortion.

Father and Son


We honor the family as God’s design to organize, affirm, support and continue the unit of husband and wife with children and extended members as related by a common bond of ancestry, race or adoption.

Since Roe...

Children have died in abortion


of them are Black


Black Babies

die everyday

through abortion


Why is there a need for Black Americans for Life?

In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark decision 7-2, Roe Vs. Wade that abortion would be legal and permissible through viability and the states may not ban abortion.  Subsequently, Doe vs. Bolton the court ruled abortion must be made available through all nine months for the protection of the woman's health. 


Since Roe, over 63,459,781 children have died in abortion and 14 million of them are Black. Every day over 1,625 Black babies die through abortion. For every 1000 live Black births there are 489 abortions among Black women. The Black population is at a zero population growth . This implies that the Black population is endangered. There has been a continuous increase in abortion percentages and rates since 1973 and a continuous decrease in population.

If America is to survive and thrive, there must be a commitment to a culture of life. Black Americans bear the brunt of the abortion industry’s contribution to the culture of death. Black Americans for Life stands in the gap for the millions of voices who cry out for life in America.

Image by Garrett Jackson


Our past history as individuals growing up represented everything, but “life”. It was through the saving grace and power of our Savior, Jesus Christ; that He has transformed our minds, hearts and lifestyles. It is through His truth, power and love that we have peace in Him and we desire to partner with Him to see victory in the battle for the precious lives of the unborn and their destinies revealed. It is only through “choosing His love” that we can experience true freedom.
— Erica Harding

Nora Jacobs, Teacher

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